About Us

Industry Leading Events
Bringing The World's Buyers and Sellers Together

Nexus provide live media and events that bring businesses from all over the world together. Our conferences and exhibitions help a range of industries to connect, and provide organisations with the information they need to evolve effectively in current and future markets.

We deliver an array of live events and digital media, offering focalised conferences, exhibitions, workshops, seminars, webinars, awards and much more.
What Do We Offer?

By using our event series to connect global businesses with the biggest names and experts in the industries we serve, we ensure that all our clients are kept informed of the latest industry trends and product offerings, and introduced to potential new partners on their next moves.
Where We Do Business?

Our events take place in every corner of the globe, addressing the world’s biggest and most rapidly emerging markets. Our event experience extends from the UK to Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Dubai, India, Brazil, the US and South Africa, and we’re constantly expanding to ensure every new market is catered for.
Who Are Our Customers?

Nexus provide a platform for businesses across a variety of industries. We work closely with our clients to ensure they can take what they need from all of our events and digital media projects. We deliver contacts and content with the power to transform your business.